'Hipster Bandit' Nabbed During Environmentally Friendly Getaway

By Andrew Lu on December 13, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A man dubbed the "Hipster Bandit" has been busted after a series of bank robberies in Oregon.

Harvie Dale Oglesby III was arrested by Portland police after he allegedly robbed a credit union last week, reports the Portland Police Bureau.

In true hipster fashion, the 40-year-old Oglesby reportedly made his getaway on a bicycle, because even alleged bank robber hipsters must be environmentally conscious.

But Oglesby didn't pedal too far away before police caught up with him.

Oglesby earned his "Hipster Bandit" nickname based on his appearance during prior bank robberies. Witnesses were particularly drawn to his pair of hipster eyeglasses, as seen in this report by Portland's KOIN-TV:

While his hipster look may be cool in cafes and bicycle shops, it's not clear how this look will fly in a federal penitentiary if Oglesby is convicted. For allegedly robbing five banks in Portland since July, Oglesby faces federal bank robbery charges and could be sentenced to some serious time behind bars.

In the latest robbery, Oglesby allegedly just handed a demand note to a bank teller, according to Portland police. It wasn't reported if he used any weapons or if he had a weapon on him when he was arrested.

Oglesby's hispter crime spree marks the latest effort by Portlanders to usurp the hipster crown from more traditional hipster haunts such as, say, San Francisco. Because in Portland, even their criminals are hipsters. It's not clear how San Francisco plans to one-up Portland in the battle for hipster supremacy.

Oglesby will now need the help of a good criminal defense attorney. The man reportedly met the description of the "Hipster Bandit" and was carrying evidence of his alleged crime when he was caught. However, an attorney who's "hip" to criminal law may be able to question the evidence against him and work out a favorable plea deal.

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