'Hello Kitty' Fan Had Sex with Girl, 14, He Met on Facebook: FBI

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on August 10, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Erik Epperson, a 22-year-old self-described Hello Kitty fan, is currently being held in a federal prison after an FBI investigation showed that he traveled from Indiana to California to have sex with a 14-year-old girl he met on Facebook.

In addition to uncovering the underage liaison, federal agents found a cache of child pornography, including videos of Epperson engaging in sexual intercourse with a group of teenage girls.

He apparently "could not find any girls over 18 years old to date because of what he believed to be his own 15-year-old girl personality."

According to the affidavit filed with the request for an arrest warrant, Erik Epperson took his status as a Hello Kitty fan to the ultimate level.

He told the FBI that he "love[s] cute things, especially anything that [is] 'Hello Kitty'" related. He also stated that he wore Hello Kitty clothing to get a rise out of people.

Using his devotion to the red-bowed cat, Epperson also admitted to engaging in sexual activity with at least 9 underage girls, most of which he communicated with over Facebook.

In addition to facing charges for the creation and possession of child pornography, Erik Epperson is also facing imprisonment under a federal law that makes it illegal to travel across state lines to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.

The exploitation of minor charge alone comes with a maximum sentence of 30 years.

Given the amount of evidence found at the house of Erik Epperson, chances are we won't be hearing from this Hello Kitty fan anytime soon. He's likely to accept a plea bargain, hopefully saving the public from further details of his Kitty-induced crimes.

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