Halle Berry to Seek Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry

By Andrew Lu on November 26, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Halle Berry will reportedly seek a restraining order against her ex, Gabriel Aubry, following a Thanksgiving throwdown between Aubry and Berry's current fiance, actor Olivier Martinez.

Aubry, a male model, famously fathered a child with Berry four years ago. The two hit a rough patch and were all over the tabloids as they split and fought over custody of their child. Most recently, Berry was blocked from moving her child to France.

On Thanksgiving, Aubry, Berry, and Martinez were placed in an awkward position that many ex-couples find themselves in: an ex-partner meeting the other ex-partner's current flame. Aubry was returning his daughter to Berry's home when Aubry ran into Martinez in Berry's driveway, reports the New York Daily News.

Some words were apparently exchanged between the two. One thing led to another, and punches were thrown. Aubry reportedly took the first swing and missed Martinez. Martinez then countered with a shot to the male model's face, which left a nasty black eye, describes the Daily News.

When all was said and done, Martinez had Aubry pinned to the ground until police arrived. Aubry suffered a broken rib and contusions to his face to go along with the insult of being beaten up by the man who replaced him in Berry's life.

Now Berry is reportedly seeking to keep Aubry away from her and their daughter for as long as legally possible.

Berry asked for and received an emergency protective order against Aubry following the Thanksgiving fight, and will reportedly ask for an extension of that protective order this week.

In considering whether to extend an emergency protective order, courts generally give both parties a chance to have their say. If granted, the protective order would require that Aubry stay 100 yards away from Berry and forbid him from seeing his daughter for some amount of time.

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