Greedy Links: Asked and Answered Edition

By Brian Kumnick on June 05, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

You might see some old stories and recurring themes popping up in this week's links. What can we say? The great themes never change, and some discussions just have to keep on going and going...

Work Life: Everyone Is Still Unhappy

Law School: Everyone Still Cheats

Lawyers on TV: Still Entertaining

Coffee: Still Mandatory

  • Recently we reminded you to consider your coffee fix. This week Legal Pad (via ABA Journal) notes that some firms are happy to keep their lawyers fueled with the good stuff, in the hope that they won't spend too much time going outside for a cup.
  • If it hasn't already, your firm may also want to look at its in-house coffee options; Starbucks baristas are certain to be grouchy this week after being told to share their tips with management. (Central Valley Business Times via Overlawyered)

The Weekend: Still Arriving On Schedule Every Friday

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