GF Attacks Man Who Won't Stop Singing 'Thrift Shop'

By Andrew Lu on April 12, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Getting a song stuck in your head may be bad enough. But imagine if someone like your boyfriend serenades you constantly with that song you can't stand.

This is what happened to 23-year-old woman Samantha Malson. Her boyfriend had Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop" in his head and reportedly felt the need to sing it out loud to Malson on all occasions.

The Colorado woman had enough and broke down. She allegedly pushed and choked her 26-year-old boyfriend to get him to stop, reports KROQ. Given that "Thrift Shop" is currently the number one single in the country, Malson may have shut her boyfriend up, but she will likely need to leave her radio off and avoid going out in public if she never wants to hear that song again.

Malson is apparently not shying away from her crime. When questioned about the incident, she admitted to officers that she assaulted her boyfriend, reports KROQ. Now, the frustrated woman may face a litany of criminal charges including:

  • Assault. For threatening to strike her boyfriend and taking some step towards completion of the action, Malson could face criminal assault charges.
  • Battery. For actually striking her boyfriend and choking him, Malson may be convicted of the more serious battery charges. She could potentially be sent to prison for the charge.
  • Domestic Violence. Given that the fight happened between a girlfriend and boyfriend, it's possible that Malson could face enhanced charges for domestic battery. In addition, her boyfriend could seek a restraining order against her.

The good news for Samantha Malson is that if she is sent to prison, she may be able to avoid "Thrift Shop" through those solid concrete walls. Even if she is not sent to prison, a restraining order by her boyfriend could keep him out of earshot.

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