Georgia Prosecutor Quits the Law to Sell Popsicles

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on July 08, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Nicholas J. Carse shall henceforth be referred to as the King of Pops, and he shall be forever worshipped as a member of the elite group known as The Ones Who Got Away.

A 2008 graduate of Georgia State University, the assistant prosecutor in Gwinnett County, Georgia has followed his dreams, leaving his hard-to-come-by job in favor of selling gourmet popsicles with his brother.

Jealous much?

Nicholas J. Carse and his brother will spend their summer on the streets of Atlanta, at festivals and farmers markets, hocking homemade fruit popsicles from a small cart outfitted with a bright rainbow umbrella, reports Above the Law.

They're apparently really popular.

The pair was reportedly inspired by a trip into the Panama Canal Zone, where they fell in love with paletas--flavorful fruit popsicles that are commonly found in the streets of Central and South America.

Now that you know why Carse chose popsicles, why would he choose to leave a much-coveted job?

It had nothing to do with his hate of the law, reports Above the Law. No, he just wanted to do something different, and spend some time working with his brother.

How cute.

Unfortunately, the law isn't cute, and has followed him out of the office and into his popsicle-themed world.

King of Pops has received countless cease and desist letters from Unilever, according to the site.

While the ordinary American (and attorney) uses "popsicle" to describe many a frozen treat, Unilver owns the original Popsicle brand, and thus the trademark on the name.

Maybe Nicholas J. Carse should have spent a few more minutes practicing law before he chose his company's tagline.

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