Gang Rape of Girl, 11, Recorded on Cell Phones

By Jason Beahm on March 10, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

In a shocking case out of Cleveland, Texas, an alleged group sexual assault of a girl was recorded on cell phones and circulated throughout students in her school district. The incident involved nearly 20 people, with at least 13 adults being arrested thus far, along with five juveniles. The girl was reportedly 11 years old.

The sexual assault allegedly occurred November 28 at two residences in Cleveland. Some of the suspects are students at Cleveland High School in Cleveland, Texas, Darrel Broussard, assistant police chief for the Cleveland, Texas, Police Department told CNN.

The girl told a forensic interviewer that three suspects picked her up and took her to the residence of a suspect. The suspect told the girl to take her clothes off, threatening to have girls beat her up if she didn't and that she would not be taken home otherwise.

The girl then reluctantly engaged in sex acts with several suspects, and while they were occurring, she heard one of the suspects calling other people to come over and have sex with her. At one point, one of the suspect's mothers came home and they quickly left and continued the sexual activities in an abandoned trailer. One or more of the suspects recorded the activity on cell phone videos, which greatly assisted the investigation.

The number of defendants charged could move closer to 30, James Evans, defense attorney for an unidentified suspect, told KPRC-TV. The adult suspects are being charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Sexual assault is sexual touching that is unwanted and offensive. Sexual assault covers a wide range of crimes including rape, attempted rape, child sexual abuse, incest, exhibitionism, voyeurism, obscene behavior directed at another person, fondling, molesting, sexual harassment and more.

Police in Cleveland, Texas are aggressively continuing the investigation. "There have been leads during our investigation that have alerted us to other possible persons of interest ... The investigation is ongoing," said Darrel Broussard. The facts have remained limited from District Attorney Mike Little, and that's intentional. "We are very careful about pretrial publicity," he said, CNN reports.

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