GameStop Settles CA Lawsuit With $15 Refund, New Warnings

By Admin on April 17, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

GameStop's California customers will soon see new warnings in stores and possibly $15 refunds in the mail, as part of a GameStop lawsuit settlement.

A federal judge approved a class-action settlement against GameStop, the world's largest video game retailer, after complaints about used games sold in California stores, Sacramento's KXTV reports.

The second-hand games required users to pay additional fees to access "downloadable content" that's needed to play the games. But the games' packages said the downloadable content would be free.

The GameStop lawsuit settlement requires the retailer's California stores to post a warning on its used games for the next two years. The warnings must state that an additional fee is needed to access any online content required for the game, KXTV reports.

The settlement also includes a possible refund for California customers who bought used games from GameStop. Members of GameStop's "PowerUp Rewards" program may be eligible for a $10 check and a $5 coupon; non-members may get a $5 check and $10 in coupons.

However, customers who purchased multiple used games will only be compensated for a single game purchase, a plaintiff's attorney told PC Magazine.

Still, one important question remains unanswered: Which games qualify for the refund?

That key detail has not yet been disclosed -- perhaps because a public list of affected games may lead to "mega claims" against GameStop from customers nationwide, the plaintiff's attorney opined in PC Magazine.

Details about the GameStop lawsuit settlement, including how to apply for the $15 payout, will be posted on the settlement's Facebook page once they're ironed out. The attorneys who sued GameStop say they may file additional lawsuits outside California as well.

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