Future Counselor, How Will You Change the World?

By Neetal Parekh on July 29, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

You don't need a J.D. to make a difference, but in a world that often seems to operate at the speed of changing law, it can help. Being so close to the law--reading it, writing about it, arguing it, being able to change it--can put a unique gavel within your reach.

Another way you can make a difference, is by being able to explain law. In plain English.

In this TED talk by Alan Siegel, this industry leader in business communications gives his take on the need to simplify legal jargon, where he defines simplicity "as a means to achieving clarity, transparency, and empathy--building humanity into communications."

Whether you subscribe to Siegel's brand of simplicity in law-- the one-page consumer credit agreement is compelling, the simplified IRS notice is intriguing, and true to his theme, he is able to make his point in under 5 minutes. 

The end of his talk may initiate the start of your very own personal line of questioning, persistent and resounding.

Future counselor, how will you change the world?

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