Fountain Lady Looking to Sue after YouTube Video goes Viral

By Jason Beahm on January 20, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Fountain lady Cathy Cruz Marrero has become an internet sensation. How? By unwittingly starring in the "lady falls in fountain while texting" video, of course. The video of the fountain lady has already been viewed nearly two million times on YouTube. Now she's considering suing the mall where it happened.

This is the world that we live in.

The Reading, Pennsylvania woman is considering suing the mall for allowing the video to be posted online, ABC News reports. She says that she has been humiliated by having so many people view the video. The video was posted on YouTube where it has gone positively viral. She says that the distribution of the video, and the fact that "no one came to my aid" has caused the intentional infliction of mental distress.

On the one hand, Cathy Cruz Marrero says that she has learned a valuable lesson. On the other hand the fountain lady says that she deserves to get paid due to the actions of someone at the mall.

She was interviewed by ABC's George Stephanopoulous, who seemed sympathetic to her case. Her stern-looking attorney appeared by her side and spoke to Stephanopoulous as well.

"I cried for days. People are laughing at me. It's dangerous. I could have been walking into a bus, a car, a ditch. Texting and walking, take it from me, is dangerous. It really is. Even while you're.. talking on the phone while you're walking is dangerous."

Her attorney said that despite what two million people might say, this is no laughing matter.

"We are troubled by the fact that anyone at the Berkshire Mall responsible for releasing this video would find humor in an employee injured on the premises. We intend to hold the appropriate persons responsible," attorney James M. Polyak told Stephanopoulous.

Cathy Cruz Marrero is also upset because no one came to her aid. The fountain lady is obviously ridiculous.

People often mistakenly point to cases like the infamous McDonalds case and argue that the U.S. legal system is out of control. As we've discussed before, that case is actually a poor example. However, in the case of Cathy Cruz Marrero, it may be another matter. But it may come down to a judge and jury to decide if the fountain lady can further clog the legal system.

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