For the Sake of Cybersecurity, Be Careful About What You Digitize

By William Vogeler, Esq. on February 05, 2019 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Cybersecurity experts say you can't totally, 100 percent protect your electronic information.

Considering Yahoo, Google, and Facebook have famously failed at it, the experts seem to know what they're talking about. Not even the U.S. government -- with all its military intelligence -- can guarantee complete cybersecurity.

So, time to throw out the smart device and go live in a forest. Really. No, really.

Internet of Things

If we learned anything from the Terminator movies, it's that technology can be really scary. Not only did Arnold Schwarzenegger come back, he became governor.

In the real world, it's even scarier. The Internet of Things means that everything with an electronic pulse can be hacked: your security system, your thermostat, your refrigerator!

Not that anybody really wants to know what's in your refrigerator, but the geeks experts are right cyber-insecurity. Here's what the smart ones at Harvard Business Review say to do about the inevitable cyber-invasion:

  • Selectively digitize data
  • Back up critical systems
  • Don't use devices that can't be updated
  • Make software companies accountable

Don't Do Digital

Maybe AI can help, too, like the good-guy Terminator. For every bad actor, however, there is another one waiting to take its place.

Hackers are like that; they just keep coming back. But that's why living off the grid could work.

Just as long as there is cell phone reception, right?

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