Florida Woman Assaults Roommate With Butter

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on May 31, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Butter assault, butter fight... you might think that flinging some butter at someone is completely harmless. After all, the stuff melts. Dawn Elizabeth Rhash, 49, of Florida, was arrested for doing just that.

Apparently, Rhash got into an argument with her male roommate about whose food was in the fridge. She got so agitated that she threw some butter at him, which struck him in the leg, according to AOL News.

The man had butter on his ankle, reports AOL News.

Rhash was arrested. She had been drinking vodka, according to deputies. And, she was uncooperative when the police questioned her about the incident, according to the Naples Daily News.

She denied the butter assault/butter battery, though she did admit the drinking, according to AOL News.

It seems, however, that Rhash probably won't be convicted of anything too serious given the fact that she threw butter.

In certain cases, a charge of battery can stick if the victim wasn't injured. For example, an offensive contact, like spitting, can constitute battery.

But what about butter?

Butter itself seems to be a bit harmless. And not that offensive, unless you're on some sort of low-fat diet, and even in that case, it's probably only offensive if the butter is being thrown toward your mouth.

Whether or not Rhash will be charged with buttery - I mean, battery - is yet to be seen, though it probably is a better use of city resources to fight other crimes.

Next time you feel like breaking out in a food fight, remember: a butter assault, or butter fight, can land you in jail. As for your victim, he'll get by with just a bit of butter on their leg.

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