Florida Woman Assaults Girlfriend with 'Female Sex Toy'

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on August 19, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Jantavia Taylor was arrested by Florida police on Monday night and is now facing felony charges for perpetrating a sex toy assault upon her girlfriend, Tamara Cadet.

Police were called to the couple's Bradenton home after an argument broke out, spilling out of the house and onto the street.

Unfortunately for one neighbor, the weapon also managed to make its way out of the house, landing in his front yard across the road.

When Cadet initially called police, she claimed that Taylor was chasing her with a knife, causing her to run down the block and fear for her life.

But according to the police report posted by The Smoking Gun, the weapon, which Taylor had thrown at her lover, was actually a "female sex toy (Strap on Penis)."

Jantavia Taylor was booked on charges of sex toy assault, which is a layman's way of saying "felony aggravated assault" or "assault with a deadly weapon."

Yes, a strap-on can be a deadly weapon, and fortunately, it requires no imagination on your part to see why.

The law defines deadly weapon as anything designed, made, or adapted to inflict serious physical harm. It can include your usual weapons, or items like strap-ons and beer bottles, which, when used in unintended ways (read: as makeshift baseball bats), can cause great injury.

If you're still confused how a strap-on to the head can possibly cause great injury, just be thankful that you're not the one responsible for prosecuting Jantavia Taylor for sex toy assault.

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