Florida Man Blames His DUI on the Squirrel

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on September 26, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Motorists reported Warren Thomas Michael for DUI after he nearly ran several cars off the road as he swerved his way down the street. But when police pulled him over he said the squirrel made him do it.

Michael was right about one thing, there was a squirrel involved. But he failed to take into account the fact that he was still drunk.

Police pulled over his silver pickup after watching it nearly hit a stopped car, according to The Gainesville Sun. They found him driving with a squirrel under his shirt but that wasn't the only cause of the problem.

Michael told the deputy who stopped him that the squirrel was eating him as an excuse for his erratic driving. While he was talking the deputy could smell alcohol on his breath.

After Michael spent some time slurring his words and failing to find his license, the deputy asked him to perform some sobriety tests which he failed. He also had a 0.156 blood alcohol content, more than twice the legal limit.

Squirrel or no, drunken driving is not acceptable. Michael provided a lot of evidence that he was intoxicated, including his appearance, his inability to perform the sobriety tests, and his BAC.

That can all be used against him as evidence in a hearing if he tries to plead not guilty. If he pleads guilty it can still be used to determine sentencing for a DUI.

There's also no evidence that the squirrel ever bit Michael although we imagine little feet on a bare stomach probably tickle quite a bit.

Even if he wasn't drunk at the time, Michael could have been cited for having the squirrel in the front seat because it distracted his driving. It's not an excuse that your pet distracted you.

If that's a risk the pet shouldn't be able to reach you in the front seat.

If you're curious about whether your driving habits with your pet could lead to a ticket, pose your question on the FindLaw Answers Traffic Infractions Forum. You'll get a real person's answer to your specific question within a few days.

After his arrest, Michael's truck and squirrel were released to his girlfriend. She told him not to drive but he didn't listen, according to Jacksonville WJXT TV. Maybe next time he will.

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