Flo Rida Caught Lying to Judge, Must Pay Fine

By Andrew Lu on June 25, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Flo Rida was caught in a lie and now he must pay, a court ordered.

The Flo Rida lawsuit involves "slave wages", as the rapper is accused of working his former assistant Mahogany Miller nearly to death on a measly $3.08 an hour and then firing her when she complained.

But from the very beginning, Flo Rida has been uncooperative. He told a court that he never received the lawsuit papers and that they were sent to some address and person that he had no knowledge of. Lies, as it turns out. 

And now he must pay court fines and attorney's fees, reports The Inquisitr.

Mahogany Miller filed the Flo Rida lawsuit and said she properly served the rapper. The rapper did not respond timely and told a judge that he didn't because he never received the papers, reports The Inquisitr. Instead the rapper said the papers ended up in the hands of an unknown female at an unknown address, thus apparently excusing his failure to respond.

However, Flo Rida then turned his story around, and admitted to the court that he in fact knew the woman who received the papers (she's another one of his employees). As a result, Flo Rida wasted the court's time and attorneys' efforts.

The legal process is a serious affair and those involved in litigation must be truthful with the court. While lawyers may engage in maneuverings with each other, it is almost never the case where a party or attorney can tell an outright lie.

So after finding out about the lies, the judge ordered Flo Rida to pay Mahogany Miller $7,000 in attorney fees. He must pay this even if he is found not to have violated any pay laws.

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