Fla. 'Zombie Apocalypse' Bill OKs Concealed Carry During Evacuation

By William Peacock, Esq. on May 02, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Have you prepared your plan for the zombie apocalypse yet? For those of us with firearms, when that inevitable day arrives, we'll live our lives according to the immortal words of the late Charlton Heston: "From my cold, dead hands!"

Of course, in times of emergency, one doesn't want to have to deal with pesky laws. That's why Florida's legislature is considering a bill to allow its citizens to carry firearms on their person during evacuations, regardless of any other laws, concealed carry permits, or training.

And one lawmaker, recognizing the absurdity importance of the law, has submitted a small amendment, asking that the title of the law be changed to "An act relating to the zombie apocalypse."

The Proposed 'Zombie Apocalypse' Bill

The idea is simple: During a declared state of emergency, the law would suspend concealed carry laws. Instead of the state requiring training and a permit, once the hurricanes, evacuations, and/or zombie apocalypses start, it's time to lock and load, reports The Huffington Post. One version of the bill has already passed the Florida House, with its twin, the "Zombie Apocalypse" bill, pending in the state senate.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, critics, including the Florida Sheriffs Association, argue the bill is too vague, as it does not limit the applicable time period or geographic distance. For example, if Miami is evacuated, would concealed carry laws be permanently suspended statewide? Until the hurricane passes? Until the city is fully rebuilt?

Currently, zombies or no zombies, one has to have a Florida Concealed Carry permit in order to bear arms in public. According to USA Carry, adults 21 and over who meet Florida's requirements -- which include a background check, proof of approved training, and a $117 fee -- are eligible to carry firearms.

The proposed law would allow anyone who is in "lawful possession" of a gun, even if the gun belongs to someone else, to carry. This should make rounding up a zombie-hunting posse much less difficult.

There's more than one way to kill a zombie, but if Florida has its way, you won't be stuck with a banjo. Also, Woody Harrelson's character's name is, appropriately enough, "Tallahassee."

The Amendment in Protest

State Sen. Dwight Bullard (D-Cutler Bay), the author of the name-changing amendment, recognizes that it is absolutely absurd, but he told The Huffington Post that it was introduced to send a message.

"For me, as laughable as the amendment might seem, it's equally laughable that people who haven't gone through the proper training, the background check, the license to carry -- we're saying because of a hurricane or flooding or sinkhole, these individuals have gone from gun owners to concealed carry permit holders," Bullard said. "I'd argue a crisis is probably the last instance in which you want someone who is not a concealed permit holder to carry a weapon."

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