FL Man Wears 'Crack Jacket' to Court to Face Drug Charges

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on January 11, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Florida man Christopher Patterson is accused of trafficking Oxycodone and a serious fashion faux pas. Patterson showed up in court on January 6 wearing a "crack jacket."

The jacket, a casual hoodie, looks normal from afar. Upon closer scrutiny, it reveals that the cute little cartoons emblazoned on the hoodie are anything but innocent.

The sweatshirt has drawings of baking soda, spoons, and an open flame. It depicts making crack. It also has the slogan "Stack Paper Say Nothing." 

The cartoonish sweatshirt even has images of stacks of bills. The zipper of the stylish garment is in the shape of a gun.

Patterson was arrested along with a codefendant back in December 2010. An undercover police officer busted his drug operation. The law enforcement official attempted to purchase 50 Oxycodone tablets in exchange for $500, according to The Smoking Gun.

It's not really against the law to dress casually in court -- even if your attire depicts drug-making. Though, some courts may have certain dress codes.

But donning inappropriate clothing may not be wise even if there are no dress codes in your jurisdiction. A jury might not be sympathetic to an accused drug dealer that shows up wearing something that seems to promote crime. Defense lawyers likely advise their clients not to wear these types of clothes.

This isn't the first time that Christopher Patterson has run afoul of the law, according to The Smoking Gun. Records indicate that he has several other drug-related convictions. It's unclear if Patterson also wore a "crack jacket" during his previous court proceedings.

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