Fired Associate with 'Superior Legal Mind' Sues NY Firm for $77M

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on August 18, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Gregory Berry is proof that sometimes you need to keep your mouth shut and your head down, even if you do think you're better than everyone else.

The former first year associate at Kasowitz Benson Torres and Friedman is suing the New York firm and two partners for $77 million claiming that the firm lied about its work culture, engaged in unethical behavior, and is trying to ruin his career.

On that last charge, Berry seems to have destroyed his ability to find a job all by himself.

According to the complaint, after finding that he had little work on his desk, he sent an e-mail to a group of partners requesting more responsibility.

Instead of acknowledging that such is the state of the legal economy, Gregory Berry decided to send the following comments instead:

"I am in kind of an uncomfortable position at the firm because although I am a 'first year,' I have 15 years business and real world experience ... I have as much experience and ability as an associate many years my senior, as much skill writing, and a superior legal mind to most I have met.... If you will allow me to manage some cases for you I can guarantee without reservation that you will get a better result than you get now with many of the official resources you have available to you."

This poor example of humility got the U Penn grad fired, though the Wall Street Journal reports that he was provided with an ample severance package.

After he signed a release of liability.

Unsurprisingly, Gregory Berry has taken his "superior legal mind" and started his own law firm. Please feel free to pity his clients and any other legal professionals with which he comes into contact.

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