Fire Crotch: Woman Sets Boyfriend's Pants on Fire

By Tanya Roth, Esq. on December 27, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

This gives new meaning to the term fire crotch.

And for once, thankfully Lindsay Lohan is not involved. A Florida woman allegedly assaulted her boyfriend by setting his pants on fire.

You can guess the area she lit up first.

Berlinda Dixon-Newbold, 38, was arrested by Broward County Sheriff's Deputies and charged with aggravated assault, reports The Miami Herald. The story goes like this: The boyfriend, Sheldon Gonzales, unwisely fell asleep on the couch and was awoken by a "burning sensation in the crotch of his pants." He looked up to find the accused standing over him, allegedly holding a lighter over his crotch and carefully holding the bottom of his shirt away from the flame. Looks like she was trying to make a point.

Dixon-Newbold then succeeded in actually getting Gonzales's crotch to go up in flames. The Herald reports Gonzales was able to put out his fire crotch with his hands.

Upon trying to leave, Gonzales was confronted at the door by his angry (soon to be ex) girlfriend. Neighbors called police after hearing the loud arguing that ensued.

The charge of aggravated assault is fairly straightforward. It is assault with a deadly weapon, or that intends to cause or causes severe bodily harm, or that is perpetrated against a certain type of victim, such as a police officer. In this case, Dixon-Newbold's attorney would likely point out to the court that a lighter, in most cases, does not constitute a deadly weapon. Had she poured lighter fluid on his pants and then used a lighter, it would have been a different story.

Further, although The Herald reports the extent of his injuries are not currently known, the fact that Gonzales was able to put the fire out with his hands, get up and have yet another argument with Dixon-Newbold might suggest the injuries were not too severe. The defense might want to push for a lesser charge of assault instead.

As of December 16, Berlinda Dixon-Newbold was behind bars with bail set at $6,500. Hopefully, she will be able to go home for the holidays. It should also be hoped no one will suggest a cozy little fire to bring some Christmas cheer.

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