FindLaw's 6 Best Tweets of 2016

By Casey C. Sullivan, Esq. on January 12, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The legal twitterverse is an interesting place. Every day, you've got top lawyers, legal scholars, and even judges tweeting their thoughts and insights. And FindLaw is right there beside them.

Over the past year, our FindLaw for Legal Professionals account sent out more than 2,000 tweets. They were smart, helpful, funny, and, since this is the internet, occasionally filled with gifs of cats. Here are our top six of the past year.

1. Possible SCOTUS Justice Don Willett Does More Than Just Tweet

Our most successful tweet of 2016 was about one of #lawtwitter's most successful tweeters, Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett. But, Willett, who is being considered for a U.S. Supreme Court spot, should be known for more than just his Twitter persona. Here we survey some of the justice's non-Twitter activities.

It's almost impossible to escape the hype around legal tech. Will robots replace lawyers? Will the industry be revolutionized by AI, or blockchain, or cloud computing, or data analytics, or online arbitrations, or -- well, you get the idea. Here we look past the hype to investigate some of the major questions still facing legal tech.

3. Marketing a Startup Solo Law Practice

So, you hung your shingle. Now what? Your first task probably won't be lawyering, but marketing. Here's how to go about marketing yourself and building your client base as a new solo attorney.

4. Top 6 Things Lawyers Need to Know About Metadata

Metadata is "data about data." It's the, often hard to find, information in a document that can tell you when something was created, who edited it, what changes have been made, and more. And if it can make or break a case. Here's what lawyers need to know.

5. Craft Distilling Is Booming and So Is Distillers' Need for Lawyers

Forget craft beers and micro-vineyards. Craft distilling, the production of spirits like whiskey or vodka by small distilleries, is experiencing major growth. And since the spirits industry is highly regulated, that growth also means new work for lawyers.

6. 6 Reasons Why You Should Love Being a Lawyer

Don't listen to the haters. Being a lawyer is a great career and legal professionals should love what they do. Here's why.

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