FindLaw's 10 Best Tax Advice Posts

By Christopher Coble, Esq. on April 06, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

If you're like me and you still haven't filed your taxes yet, you might still be looking for some good advice. Lucky for us, FindLaw has us covered.

Here are the 10 (or so) best tax advice posts from FindLaw blogs:

  1. Your best place to start is with the 5 most common tax law questions, answered by our FindLaw Insider Blog.
  2. If you have your own business, you might be wondering whether your business lunches are tax deductible, or if you can write off your work clothes or uniforms.
  3. And if you are a small business owner, you might need to file W-2 forms for your small business. Here are 5 legal reminders for small business W-2 forms.
  4. We also have essential tax tips if you worked from home this year.
  5. Maybe you're not quite into the work force yet, so we've also got a list of tax credits and deductions for students and recent graduates.
  6. If you recently got a divorce or are getting a divorce, we have 3 tax tips to consider, as well as an IRS case that offers tax return lessons for divorcing couples.
  7. Are injury awards income? If you were injured and settled the case this year, find out if your personal injury settlement award is taxable.
  8. In the unfortunate circumstance of owing the IRS a significant amount of taxes, we can give you the how to on paying your taxes in installments.
  9. In the even more unfortunate circumstance of an IRS audit, we have advice on what you should do if you received an audit notice for your business.
  10. We all want to be self sufficient and some handy software allows us to file our taxes on our own. But there may be some things a tax lawyer can do that you probably can't.

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