FindLaw Answers Question of the Day: Immigration Complications

By Neetal Parekh on July 10, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Some of our most challenging queries on FindLaw Answers come from the Immigration Board. They can be complex because each set of facts is unique and involves international considerations while also implicating other fields of life and law.

Here, user Lupita_2009 describes her sticky situation and calls for help. Her scenario:

My boyfriend was arrested for first time domestic battery against me and was transferred to a judicial center, and they had told me he has a DUI from 5 years ago and also has an immigration hold.

Coming to terms with a relationship that has involved abuse is a major issue in itself; however for this user, it is only a part of her situation:

He has been in custody for 40 days. I wanted to know if there is a way the immigration hold could be removed because I am a US citizen and so is his 5 month old. We are not married, [but if we did get married], would this help in removing the immigration hold?

Implicating criminal and family law, this incarcerated beau could be shipped to his home country. And perhaps the pressure of that outcome has made this user consider the prospect of marriage when under other circumstances it would not be a pressing concern. And in closing, she makes an honest and quiet appeal to those reading:

Also I wanted to know where could I inform myself more about the penalties for DUI and domestic battery...Thanks for reading.

After calling into consideration various areas of law and identifying her legal issues, Lupita_2009 reminds us that at the most basic level, her post is a reach out for help. Whether searching online, visiting legal websites, or asking a virtual room of strangers---she is choosing to connect and begin the process of becoming informed about the law and her options.

So, choose to connect back -- and respond to Lupita_2009's post by logging in to Answers.

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