Fake Cop Peed In Kid's Hat, Hit On Women

By Edward Tan, JD on April 30, 2012 | Last updated on February 06, 2023

What do you get when you combine a phony officer, a hat, and some ladies? Apparently you get a fake cop that pees in hats and tries to hit on women. Joseph Hannah, 32, allegedly drove up to four teenager playing ball in New Mexico. Hannah was in a Ford Mustang with flashing white emergency lights on the roof. He told them he was a cop. Hannah then allegedly pointed a gun at one of the teens and demanded his hat. The boy complied and watched as Hannah urinated in it, KOB reports. But the fun didn't end there. Hannah left the kids and went on to pull over not just one, but two women. In each instance, he told them he was an undercover narcotics officer and that they were attractive. Hannah also showed the victims a fake badge. Police were able to find Hannah by his car's license plate. One of the women reported that it read "PUNISHR." Come on? Gun, Mustang, flashing lights, fake badge, and a "PUNISHR" license plate? Who wouldn't believe that he wasn't just the most awesome cop in the world? But police aren't laughing at Hannah's antics. He's been charged with impersonating an officer and false imprisonment. In New Mexico, false imprisonment is the intentional restraining of another person without consent. Pretending you're a cop and pulling fake stops on people would probably fall under this fourth degree felony. Conviction for this offense and pretending to be a cop both carry up to 18 months imprisonment. Fortunately for Hannah, both charges have been dropped. Instead, he has confessed to disorderly conduct. So if an officer ever tries to pee in your hat after hitting on some women, remember, he's probably a fake cop. Related Resources:
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