Facebook the Labor Union of the Future?

By Jason Beahm on March 03, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Is social media going to replace labor unions? Will there be Facebook labor unions?

After recent developments in the Middle East with groups of people banding together on sites like Facebook and Twitter, it seems that the revolution may not be televised. Instead, the revolution might come in the way of a status update on a Wall.

Are the social media tools making unions and collective bargaining groups obsolete?

It's a conversation topic that is spreading, as people begin to contemplate what current systems will become obsolete in the future.

Perhaps that means that large labor unions have always jumped the shark, and are no longer necessary. People no longer need unions in order to organize, writes Tom Hayes of The Huffington Post. He says that with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and other social media sites, the people may be better served than through traditional unions. Facebook labor unions could potentially debate and take action far faster than the current model. And the best part: no need to pay annual dues.

"One person can make a difference; a network of people can make a revolution. As the impetus for group forming matures from Justin Bieber fan clubs and funny kitty videos to more serious-minded groups of craftspeople, office workers, skilled laborers and temp workers, watch out," wrote Hayes.

It's true that the internet has made it possible to form groups of like-minded people in the blink of an eye. Adding to the energy, people have lost faith in big organizations, and individuals feel a renewed ability to participate in the debate on a variety of topics.

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