Ex-Miss W. Va. Scores Big Win in Bogus Sex Tape Suit

By Kevin Fayle on April 09, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A federal jury in the US District Court in Clarksburg, West Virginia ordered nine internet companies and individuals to pay former Miss West Virginia Allison Williams a total of $7.2 million for attempting to sell a video that they falsely claimed featured the former beauty queen, according to an AP report.

Now, having a sex tape show up on the internet is bad enough, but when the tape isn't even of you . . . that's on a whole different level.

Williams discovered the tapes during her first semester of law school, which only adds insult to injury.  As if the first semester of law school isn't already brutal enough!

The suit originally targetted 59 defendants, but the judge in the case dismissed 28 defendants.  Out of the remaining 31 defendants, the nine found liable chose not to participate in the lawsuit or have attorneys represent them.


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