Ex-Bengals Cheerleader Who Slept with Student to Star in Reality Show?

By Andrew Lu on November 01, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Sarah Jones, the former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who admitted to sleeping with a student, will reportedly star in her own reality show.

The show will be brought by the producers responsible for MTV's Jersey Shore, reports the New York Daily News. Were you expecting someone else?

The 27-year-old former teacher recently pleaded guilty to sleeping with her then 17-year-old student. If the reports are true that Jones will star in her own television show, Jones could stand to gain quite a financial windfall as a result of her crime.

It was reported that 495 Productions approached Jones with the proposal to cash in on her infamy. Despite having been an NFL cheerleader, Jones had been an unknown until the scandal broke.

Now some are questioning whether it is fair that the attractive 27-year-old teacher is cashing in on her crime. After all, had a fat and balding 57-year-old male teacher pleaded guilty to sleeping with a 17-year-old student, it's hard to believe that cable networks would be racing to sign him to a television deal, reports the Daily News.

In a lot of states, there are laws to prevent a criminal from benefitting from a crime. These are commonly called "Son of Sam Laws" after the Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz who had sought to profit off the notoriety of his crimes. The public policy behind such laws is that no convicted criminal should be able to stand to benefit from his crime. And if a profit is made, the government may seize it.

However, some say that Jones is already turning her crimes into "one big payday," reports the Daily News. She was allegedly boasting that she "made bank" from a television interview just last week.

If Jones does star in her own television show, prosecutors in Ohio may try to seize her profits.

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