Erin Andrews' Accused Stalker's Criminal Charges

By Joel Zand on November 20, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Michael David Barrett, the accused stalker and criminal voyeur of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews will be arraigned in federal court on Monday, November 23, 2009.

The latest in a series of sordid charges against the 48-year-old Chicago-area Combined Insurance employee suggests that the nude videos Barrett secretly record of Andrews in hotel rooms where not simply a one-time occurrence,

Rather, it now appears that Barrett relentlessly stalked Andrews for more than a year.

The new details are in updated criminal charges filed this week by the U.S. Attorney's office in Los Angeles, California. You can read them here:

Details in the latest charges against the suspect allege that:

  • Barrett began stalking Andrews since at least January 2008;
  • He relentlessly called dozens of hotels in cities where she went to cover college football, college basketball, and hockey games to see if he could learn where she was staying.
  • Barrett traveled to cities where Barrett went to report for ESPN, including:
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Nashville, Tennessee, and
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
  • In at least two of those cities, he surreptitiously used his cell phone to shoot video of Andrews in the nude in her hotel room via peepholes that he altered
  • Barrett left a paper trial of his stalking by paying for hotel rooms and an internet search for personal information about Andrews, using his American Express card and MasterCard.
  • Barrett uploaded nude videos he took while stalking Andrews to his Yahoo! e-mail account
  • He corresponded with via e-mail trying to get them to use nude videos he took of Andrews while stalking her.

Barrett could be sentenced to just five (5) years in prison if convicted of the federal stalking charges, .

Andrews' lawyer, Marshall Grossman at Bingham McCutchen in Santa Monica, California, said that his client is 'hell-bent" on testifying against Barrett, and intends to help authorities around the country to push for stricter stalking law penalties.

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