Entire 'Jersey Shore' Cast Sued for Assault

By Laura Strachan, Esq. on August 30, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Fist pumps are the signature move for the guys and girls of MTV's Jersey Shore. Perhaps the cast, now in their second season, is a little too good at activity off the dance floor. In the latest in the string of litigation to hit the show, the entire Jersey Shore cast is being sued for assault on a woman named only as J.P. in court papers.

According to Wonderwall, J.P. is suing the entire cast, MTV, as well as the show's production company for injuries stemming from an encounter last September. J.P. alleges sustaining some permanent facial lacerations from four of the show's security guards after getting into a heated discussion with none other than aspiring author Snooki Polizzi. The pint-sized Polizzi apparently had J.P. wrestled to the ground and thrown onto the boardwalk after the encounter. J.P. was cut on the chin as a result of her rumble with the security guards. J.P.'s attorney hopes to win the case, and get the reality show taken off the air.

Interestingly enough (but not the least bit surprising) the incident occurred on the same night that cast member Ronnie Ortiz knocked a man unconscious, with cameras rolling of course. Looks like there must have been something in the salty seashore air that night. J.P. is also suing the show for racketeering -- alleging that the show is profiting from the criminal behavior of its cast.

And to continue the never-ending legal exploits of the Jersey Shore, cast member Sammi "Sweetheart" refused service of the court papers this past week. Tune in next week for the latest episode and legal lesson.

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