Employment and Government Benefits Matters

By FindLaw Staff on April 09, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Gaujacq v. EDF, Inc., 08-7097, involved a gender discrimination action under Title VII.  The court of appeals affirmed summary judgment for defendant in part, holding that 1) no reasonable jury could find that the nondiscriminatory business reasons given by defendant to explain company actions relating to appellant's employment were a pretext for gender-based discrimination; and 2) the district court correctly found that any differential in pay between appellant and a coworker was based on factors other than sex.  However, the court vacated in part, holding that the district court did not address plaintiff's breach of contract claim against defendant due to its alleged failure to reimburse her for certain business expenses.

Salazar v. Dist. of Colum., No. 08-7100, concerned an action alleging various violations of Title XIX of the Social Security Act.  The court of appeals affirmed in part the denial of defendant's motion for partial reconsideration of the district court's order sanctioning defendant for violating the district court's consent decree, holding that the District failed to raise and preserve most of the claims that it now raised on appeal.  However, the court reversed in part, holding that the district court committed error in subjecting the District to a 126-day contempt fine for its failure to negotiate with plaintiffs under the consent decree.

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