Employers can Force Women to Wear Bras to Work, Court Rules

By Jason Beahm on January 19, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

I think the Daily Mail wins for the best headline on this story: "Wunderbra."

The Brits really have a way with headlines. Of course the headline came after a German court bra ruling that found that bosses can require female employees to wear bras at work.

Now, this immediately sounds familiar to any true Seinfeld aficionado. May I introduce exhibit A, a conversation between the surprisingly litigious Kramer and attorney Jackie Chiles, from the episode entitled, The Caddy:

Jackie: Well how would you describe this woman? Would you say she was an attractive woman?
Kramer: Oh, yeah.
Jackie: So we got an attractive woman, wearing a bra, no top, walkin' around in broad daylight. She's flouting society's conventions.

(later in the conversation...)

Kramer: I said she's the heir to the O'Henry candy bar fortune.
Jackie: O'Henry? That's one of our top-selling candy bars. It's got chocolate, peanuts, nougat, it's delicious, scrumptious, outstanding! Have you been to a doctor?
Kramer: No.
Jackie (speaking to the intercom): Susie, call Dr. Bison, set up an appointment for Mr. Kramer, tell him it's for me.
Kramer: So whadda ya think, Jackie? I mean we got a case?
Jackie: Like taking candy from a baby.

The German bra court ruling came by the State Labour Court, who also ruled that grooming habits like length of fingernails could be regulated, as well requiring beards to be in a "neat and proper manner."

The case was brought by employees who were upset about overly strict company rulebook. The case involved airport security personnel, but will apply to all workplaces, the Daily Mail reports.

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