Emmy Winner Convicted of Attempted Murder of Roommate Over Oscar Dreams

By George Khoury, Esq. on February 06, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The daytime Emmy Award winning producer, Andre Bauth, also known as Andre Salaman Bautista, from Colombia, was found guilty last week of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Bautista won an Emmy in April 2015 for his work producing the online soap opera, "The Bay." The incident occurred after he got really upset while watching the Oscars with his roommates and tenants back in September 2015.

The producer and actor took offense and got upset after his Oscar watching buddies laughed at him after he said that he would win 5 Oscars one day. However, the laughter turned his rage deadly, and Bautista got a knife and stabbed one of his tenants in the chest for laughing at his Oscar aspirations. Fortunately, the tenant was able to receive immediate medical attention and as a result survived the attacked which punctured his lung.

Bad Bautista

After stabbing his tenant, Bautista fled the scene and eventually the country. A little over a week after the stabbing, he turned himself in to a US embassy in Mexico City, Mexico. After over a year, he was just found guilty and convicted last week. Now his daytime Emmy Award will just have to sit on a shelf collecting dust as Bautista could be facing up to 13 years behind bars for the attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon conviction. He is scheduled to be sentenced in late March 2017.

What makes this case even more shocking was that Baustista had written and starred in an independent movie where the plot involved a landlord murdering a tenant. While the facts of the case were surely different than the indie movie, facts like that rarely work out in favor of criminal defendants. Just take the "Sell Drugz" rapper who got busted for selling drugs of all things, for example.

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