Easter 'Buddy' Gift: Mom Finds Weed in Walmart Playset

By Christopher Coble, Esq. on April 10, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

We know you can find great deals at Walmart. Whether you're looking for a bathroom meth lab or the legal services necessary to defend a charge of making meth in a bathroom, the gargantuan retailer has everything you need.

Or maybe you're looking for a nice Easter present for your young daughter. Instead of faking a heart attack to steal a Barbie car, may we suggest the "Smart Shots Sports Center?" It comes with bags of pot.

The Gift of Grass

An Oregon mother found three bags of marijuana stuffed in the box of an Easter present she bought for her toddler. After noticing some of the parts for the sports set were missing, Christina Marie Hannahs found a clear bag containing a small amount of marijuana instead.

Two more sacks of weed fell out of the box while Hannahs's daughter was playing with it. "I was shocked at first," she told Portland's KATU News. "I would love a drug-free gift for Easter."

Hannahs suspects the toy might've been purchased previously and returned to the store, where she found it in the clearance section. For its part, Walmart says it is reviewing the matter and has referred all questions to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department in charge of the investigation.

Tots & Pot

This is not the first time grass has crossed paths with young lads and lasses. One daycare busted a dad smuggling pot in his baby's diaper, while another, less responsible day care owner was arrested after a toddler in her care ingested pot. Marijuana and sex toys were found in a sheriff deputy's anti-drugs-in-schools vehicle, and one mom was running a $3 million pot operation from her suburban home.

Toking parents should be especially careful. You don't want your 9-year-old narcing on your marijuana habits, especially when smoking weed could lead to child neglect charges.

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