DUI Stops: What Not to Do During Field Sobriety Tests

By Christopher Coble, Esq. on February 22, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

If you've been pulled over by police, you're probably already pretty worried. And if officers suspect you've been drinking and driving and ask you to perform some roadside sobriety tests, that anxiety can skyrocket. Whether you're sober and want to prove it to the police or if you've been drinking and are trying to convince them you're OK to drive, you'll want to be on your best behavior while performing the sobriety tests.

While the officers on the scene will give you instructions on what to do and how to perform the tests, we can give you a few tips on what not to do during roadside sobriety tests:

Fall Over

Seems pretty straightforward, right? If you're trying to prove that you're sober enough to drive, staying upright might be the first thing to do. And if you're a county judge in Pennsylvania, it's especially important. Proper balance is central to several roadside tests, so make sure you maintain yours.


Nothing screams guilt like fleeing the scene. So if officers ask you to perform a few sobriety tests, perhaps the worst way to convince them you're sober is to run off. They're probably going to catch you (or track you down since, you know, you left your car there), and they're definitely going to arrest you when they do.

Forget Your ABC's

The rigors of an eight-year NFL career are no joke. The physical and psychological toll professional football can have on players extends into retirement, but is that true for remembering the basics of the English alphabet? Yes, according to Cedric Benson, who when asked by officers to recite the alphabet and "stated he couldn't do that because he played 8 years in the NFL."

Strike the "Karate Kid" Pose

Look, we're all big fans of Daniel LaRusso. But we're also pretty certain cops aren't asking to critique your crane technique. They're police officers, not Johnny Lawrence at the All Valley tournament.

Do Cartwheels

You might be having a good time and enjoying a little buzz. And maybe you just want to share the good vibes and energy with the officers. And cartwheels sure are fun. But when they run counter to the cops' instructions on field sobriety tests, they're probably going to get you arrested.

If you've had some misadventures during a roadside sobriety check, you might want to contact a DUI attorney.

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