Drunk Clown DWI: Golfer in Colorful Clothes Gets DWI in Golf Cart

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on August 31, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

To the list of bizarre drunken driving incidents, add New York's drunk clown DWI. Golfer James R. Straub, who after being described as a drunk clown by residents of Batavia, New York, was arrested for a golf cart DWI on Sunday night.

Police were alerted to Straub's strange behavior when witnesses called to report a man in a "clown suit" driving down the road in a golf cart owned by the local course, reports The Batavian.

Police found Straub, who was actually wearing an ill-conceived and highly colorful golf outfit, driving a stolen golf cart down a public road near Terry Hills Golf Course.

He has been charged with driving (dressing?) while intoxicated and refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

Managing to track down the drunk clown, police determined that the suspect was James R. Straub, who was actually wearing a light pink polo shirt, khaki pants with hot pink checks, and matching hot pink argyle socks.

As of now, Straub has pled not guilty to the golf cart DWI and other charges, but the Associated Press notes that he was unrepresented at his arraignment.

Prosecutors are likely to strike a deal, but, as a result of the Full Faith and Credit Clause, any extended punishment, such as a suspended license or probation, is still enforceable in Massachusetts, where the drunk not-so-clown is a resident.

Unfortunately, as long as he isn't arrested for another golf cart DWI, James R. Straub can continue to dress like a drunk clown, as there's no law against garish clothing.

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