Drug Dealer's Car Doubles as 'Mobile Speakeasy'

By Tanya Roth, Esq. on December 20, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The booze may turn out to be the least of this drug dealer's problems. Alleged drug dealer and mobile bartender extraordinaire Michael Leymeister is facing a litany of legal issues from a rolling speakeasy, which he allegedly operated out of his GMC Yukon. Leymeister was busted by Pennsylvania police last week for selling liquor without the appropriate license. And as noted, that may be the least of the charges he faces.

It really has to be fully described to be believed. Leymeister's mobile speakeasy was stocked with just about everything a person could want in an illegal cocktail. According to the report by The Philadelphia Intelligencer, Leymeister stocked forty-ounce bottles of Olde English, Mad Dog 20/20, Budweiser, vodka and Wild Irish Rose, all on ice. Accoutrements included a cocktail strainer, brown paper bags, two sizes of plastic cups, soda mixers and a notebook for keeping tabs on customers' tabs.

Although Prohibition was repealed by the 21st Amendment, there are still many state and local, if not federal laws, that control the sale of alcohol. In states like Oregon, for example, alcohol may only be sold from government approved stores or restaurants/bars who may sell by the glass. In Pennsylvania, reports The Intelligencer, a state liquor license is required before an individual may sell alcohol. It appears mix-master Leymeister neglected to obtain such a license. However, selling liquor without a license is only a misdemeanor. Not so for the drug violations.

Michael Leymeister is also under suspicion for drug dealing, reports The Intelligencer. Bristol Township authorities have ended a weeks-long investigation by charging Leymeister with selling felony amounts of crack and oxycodone. Specifically, according to the court records, when arrested last week, Leymeister had 11 bags of crack worth $50 each and $450 worth of oxycodone pills in his possession.

To compound his drug charges, Leymeister parked his party-mobile in the wrong area. He is also charged with selling drugs in a school zone, a crime which brings its own two-year minimum sentence.

Finally, because a good bartender is never without resources to help his customers with their problems, Leymeister also had an old copy of an AA manual close at hand.

"It was basically one-stop shopping," Lt. Terry Hughes told The Intelligencer.

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