Drake-Chris Brown Nightclub Greenhouse Sues NYC for Shutting it Down

By Andrew Lu on June 28, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Who would have imagined the fallout from the Drake-Chris Brown nightclub brawl.

First Tony Parker suffered a serious eye injury and is suing the company that runs the W.i.P. lounge.

Now, the company that runs the club, Greenhouse, is suing New York City for shutting it down. Strangely, the two that seem to have escaped unscathed in this mess are Chris Brown and Drake.

After the bottle-tossing brawl, the city stepped in and shut the club down, reports CBS. The city filed 14 charges against the club and the W.i.P. lounge could lose its liquor license as a result. It wasn't reported what these 14 charges were, but it's probably a safe guess to assume they are related to club security and crowd control.

As a result of the club shutdown, Greenhouse says that it is losing $264,000 a week, so they are suing New York City, reports CBS. But monetary loss is probably not basis for the club to sue for reopening.

Cities and local government agencies normally have the right to power to set health, safety, and welfare standards in a community. Oftentimes, these regulations appear in city health codes, building codes, and liquor laws. So, a city can usually set minimum standards for safety at a club or other establishment that provides alcohol and enforce these rules by shutting down violators.

The Drake-Chris Brown nightclub brawl is the legal story that just won't die. The drunk rappers got into a fight over a girl. Now the club is getting sued by an NBA star and the city is getting sued by the club.

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