Drake and Future Sued for $25M by Raped Concertgoer

By George Khoury, Esq. on August 18, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

In a recent lawsuit filed against Drake, Future, and others associated with the artists' August 2016 joint concert in Nashville, Tennessee, an unnamed concertgoer alleges that a security guard raped her. She is seeking a multi-million dollar judgment from the performers, venue, and operators as a result of their negligent hiring and failure to keep her safe.

The case asserts that Drake, Future, the venue, and organizers, were negligent in hiring Leavy Johnson, who is accused of committing the rape. Johnson is currently facing criminal charges for the alleged rape. Additionally, it is alleged that prior to the concert, there were active outstanding warrants for Johnson's arrest due to other assault charges.

Disgusting Details

The woman bringing the case alleges that the security guard approached her and offered to take her backstage in order to meet the performers. She agreed to go with him. However, as he led her backstage, he allegedly pushed her to the ground, shattered her phone, violently assaulted her, then raped her.

It is unknown when any of the defendants in the matter last performed a background check on Johnson, or who was ultimately responsible for Johnson working that night, or there at all.

Insecure Security

When it comes to protecting concertgoers, just about every company involved in putting on the show, including the artists themselves, can face liability for injuries to attendees. In this case, while Drake and Future may be catching the most public backlash, it is likely a third party security company or third party venue operator that will be found to bear the ultimate responsibility, assuming the allegations are borne out. However, the venue itself and the performers could still face liability on not just the negligent hiring theory, but also on a premises liability theory.

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