Don't Let 'Gangnam Style' Kill You, Doctor Warns

By Andrew Lu on December 17, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Not everyone can live the "Gangnam Style." And if you try, it could result in a "Gangnam Style" death, as recently occurred in England.

Eamonn Kilbride, a 46-year-old father of three, was having so much fun at his office Christmas party that he decided to break out some popular dance moves, made famous by South Korean rapper PSY.

But as Kilbride galloped on his imaginary horse, he suffered chest pains, collapsed, and died. His death prompted a British doctor to warn middle-aged men not to attempt the international dance craze, reports The Independent.

The doctor said that older men should not "stray outside their comfort zone" when it comes to Christmas parties, writes the Independent, or they could end up suffering from a "Gangnam Style" heart attack.

The doctor also advised that as with any form of "atypical exercise," older men should be "somewhat measured." The doctor capped off his sage advice with, "Let the lady dance around you."

In this litigious age, some may be wondering if PSY could potentially be held liable in some way for Kilbride's alleged dancing-induced death. Chances are, probably not.

That's because holding PSY liable would be similar to holding Los del Rio liable for any "Macarena"-related injuries, or holding the Spice Girls responsible for any wanna-be Spice Girl's injuries from rocking out to "Wannabe."

Whether you choose to copy a dance move or a sports maneuver you see on television is up to you. Just because someone younger and healthier can do it doesn't mean that you can do it at home, and then hold that person liable should you get injured.

A man dying at his office Christmas party after attempting a silly dance is tragic. But Eamonn Kilbride's wife called him the "life of the party," and there are worse ways to go than riding off into the sunset on an imaginary horse.

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