Don't Bug the Court and Never Bring Bedbugs to Court

By William Vogeler, Esq. on February 06, 2019 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

So a lawyer walks into a courtroom and ...

No joke, a lawyer walked into a courtroom and bedbugs hopped out of his jacket. There are some things even insects won't do.

Seriously, officials closed the courthouse to have it treated for possible contamination. Then they let everyone but the lawyer back in. Just kidding.

Unknown Lawyer

The story came from the Rogers County Courthouse in Oklahoma. The Tulsa World reported that "someone saw something crawling on a lawyer" in the third-floor courtroom.

Not to be a journalist/lawyer/critic, but that sounds like at least triple hearsay. No self-respecting juror would convict on that evidence. An exterminator, maybe.

The reports didn't identify the lawyer, perhaps out of respect for the attorney. It's a good thing they withheld his name, however, because the "presence of bedbugs was not actually confirmed."

In any case, it confused people at the courthouse. It was the first-ever bug scare.

Courthouse Confusion

Clearing the courthouse would be understandable if someone had yelled, "BOMB!" But "BUG!" Come on, man.

It still made the television news that night. Sheriff Scott Waldon said the unnamed lawyer put his jacket on file folders, and it scared people.

"We also had inmates in the courtroom, which caused a concern," Waldon said.

Well, that is a DEFCON moment when inmates have to worry about insects. So a bedbug walks into a courtroom ...

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