Domino's Pizza Delivery Man Killed in Boston

By Jason Beahm on September 07, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Domino's Pizza delivery man was stabbed and killed in Boston after an apparent robbery setup. Mariee Clena-Tunis, who lives next door to an abandoned house at 742 Hyde Park Avenue, was approached by a heavy-set woman at her home around 10:30 p.m. The woman asked to borrow Clena-Tunis' phone to make a call.

Clena-Tunis gave her the phone and was shocked to learn that it was used to order a pizza to the abandoned house next door. "[They] tried to put me in trouble, but God be with me anyway," Mariee Clena-Tunis said to the Boston Herald. "Don't tell me it was for pizza ... She told me it was to make a call."

The female suspect was seen fleeing the area with two male suspects in a green 1995 Suburu. The Domino's Pizza delivery man killed was in his 50s, and was attacked some time after midnight, Boston Police Commissioner Ed David said. He was dead when paramedics arrived on the scene. The police believe the motive was robbery. Robbery is the theft or larceny of property through physical force or fear. When a knife, gun or other weapon is used, or if the victim suffers serious injury, the robbery charged may be raised to "armed" or "aggravated robbery.

The Suburu was discovered the next morning in a parking lot behind St. Adalberts parish in Hyde Park after a citizen who had heard about the incident saw it and called police. Commissioner David said that the police found quite a lot of evidence in the car.

Domino's Pizza has had a tough week, reports the Boston Herald. Earlier in the week another Domino's Pizza delivery man was killed by a man fleeing the police who ran a red light and crashed into his car. Domino's said that it is "shocked and saddened" by the death of the delivery driver.

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