DMX's Release Delayed for Sneaking Drugs into Arizona Prison

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on July 12, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

He was supposed to be out on July 13th, but it looks like rapper DMX's release from Yuma State Prison in Arizona has been pushed back at least another week.

Turns out that metal bars and an orange jumpsuit yet again didn't do anything for the rap artist, whose prison record includes disorderly conduct, disrespect to staff, and unauthorized smoking.

Oh, and then there's the drug possession.

How'd he get those?

Though he's only served 7 months of a year-long sentence for violating probation, like most prisoners in this country, he was set to be released early as a result of overcrowding and earned-work credits.

There was no "good behavior" to be seen.

This is the second time the prison has pushed back DMX's release date, the first time appearing to be the result of his behavior towards staff and other minor infractions.

Though the prison's website states that he was found to be in possession of drugs back in April, on June 30, he was cited for either testing positive for narcotics or refusing to take a drug test.

Prisons generally can't forcibly conduct a drug test, but they can require that prisoners submit to random testing, particularly if they're incarcerated on drug charges or have been in possession while behind bars.

There's also no doubt that refusing such a test is a strike against early release.

Depending on his behavior over the next week (read: if he submits to a drug test), DMX's release date may be eminent. Or it may be on August 25, the final day of his sentence.

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