Disneyland: 60 Years of Lawsuits

By Christopher Coble, Esq. on July 08, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

This year, Disneyland is going all out for its Diamond celebration.

While Disney was busy making kids' dreams come true for the past 60 years, it was also spending much of that time defending itself against one lawsuit after another. In honor of Disney's Diamond celebration, here is a roundup of the best, funniest, and saddest lawsuits against Disneyland:

1. The White Rabbit Is Racist!

Remember the rabbit that was always late in Alice in Wonderland? Well, that rabbit was apparently late for a very important date with the court. Jason Black Sr. sued Disneyland for racism after the white rabbit character refused to hold hands or hug his two African-American children.

At first, the children and their parents thought it was a new policy that didn't allow the characters to touch the children. However, they were enraged when they saw the same rabbit hug, kiss, and take pictures with a couple of white kids.

2. It's a Small World Ride Is Officially Traumatic

One poor man was trapped on the It's a Small World ride after the ride broke down. The man, who is disabled, was stranded listening to the annoying song play over and over and over for 40 whole minutes.

After the traumatic incident, the man sued for violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act because it didn't have a procedure to evacuate disabled passengers. A sympathetic jury ruled in the man's favor and awarded him $8,000, half of which was for pain and suffering.

3. Don't Forget Your First Aid Kit

Apparently, going to Disneyland is a risky endeavor. The theme park was sued 140 times in five years by visitors injured at the park.

Most injuries were the usual slip-and-fall accidents, but some were a bit more bizarre. One man was hit by flying piece of sheet metal, and a woman was hit in the head by a flying food court umbrella.

4. Out of the Way of My Segway!

A disabled mom with muscular dystrophy sued Disneyland after the park refused to allow her to ride her segway through the park.

The Ninth Circuit ruled that the park must allow the woman to use her segway as an accommodation required by Title II of the American With Disabilities Act.

Poor Disneyland ... What will the happiest place on Earth be sued for next?

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