Dish Network to Pay $700M to AMC, 'Breaking Bad,' 'Mad Men' Back

By Andrew Lu on October 24, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Dish Network reached a $700 million settlement in the lawsuit brought against it by Cablevision and AMC Networks.

Fans of Mad Men and Breaking Bad can rejoice as that means that the Dish blackout of AMC has ended, and they can continue following the likes of Walter White and Don Draper.

The AMC channel should have resumed on the Dish Network earlier this week and other AMC networks like the Sundance Channel, WE tv and IFC, will return to on November 1, reports Reuters.

The dispute between Dish and AMC was a long-running contract dispute that had nothing to do with the current programming on the AMC network. A unit of Cablevision, Voom HD Holdings, had allegedly entered into a 15-year agreement with Dish Network to carry a suite of its channels including those devoted to Kung Fu and video games, reports Reuters. To no surprise, Dish pulled out these channels in 2008.

After Dish pulled out, Voom HD Holdings claimed that Dish violated the terms of their agreement and filed the lawsuit seeking $2.4 billion in damages.

So how did Cablevision and AMC Networks get involved in the Voom lawsuit? At the time of the initial deal, Voom was a unit of Cablevision. Last year, Cablevision spun off the unit and Voom (and the lawsuit) was acquired by AMC.

In July, Dish blacked out AMC's networks. Dish claimed that the move was purely business related as the channel did not generate enough ratings. AMC says that Dish blacked it out as a tactic in the ongoing settlement negotiations.

Regardless of the reasons for the blackout, Dish agreed to pay out $700 million to AMC for the contract dispute. Most importantly, Dish subscribers can now tune back in to Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

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