Disability Rights Lawyer Dies as She Lived

By William Vogeler, Esq. on February 26, 2019 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Carrie Ann Lucas lived as she died: a disabled champion.

A nationally known disability rights attorney, Lucas suffered with muscular dystrophy. It put her in a wheelchair with a ventilator the last years of her life.

Ultimately, her health problems killed her. From a disability claimant's perspective, however, her insurance company was to blame.

"An Arbitrary Denial"

Her family announced her death on Facebook.

"Carrie Ann Lucas, a disability rights attorney who pioneered representation for parents with disabilities, died after an arbitrary denial from an insurance company caused a plethora of health problems, exacerbating her disabilities and eventually leading to her premature death."

Forbes writer Sarah Kim cited UnitedHealthCare for refusing to pay for an inhaled antibiotic. Denied proper treatment, Lucas had adverse reactions to a less effective drug.

"This led to spiraling health issues, including the loss of speech, and she had numerous stays in the intensive care unit during the past year," Kim reported.

Disabled Parents Rights

Lucas founded Disabled Parents Rights, a nonprofit advocacy group, after facing discrimination in her own efforts to adopt a child. She was politically active, and helped pass legislation to protect the rights of parents with disabilities.

Lucas, 47, is survived by her partner, parents, siblings, and four adopted children. Her children all live with disabilities.

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