Did The Situation's Autograph for NJ Cops Get Them in Hot Water?

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on August 11, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Do you want to have Jersey Shore's "The Situation" autograph something for you? Maybe you would, especially when The Situation's Ferrari pulls up next to you and the reality TV star has two women sitting on top of each other in the passenger seat.

Apparently for some New Jersey cops, the allure of The Situation might have clouded their judgment.

The Situation, or Mike Sorrentino as he is legally known, pulled up to some police officers to ask for directions in his Ferrari. An innocent move, minus the fact that he might have been breaking some traffic laws at the time, according to TMZ.

The Situation had two women in his car, both sitting in the same passenger-side seat. And, they weren't wearing a seat belt, which would be in violation of New Jersey law.

It seems that unlike most ordinary citizens who may be breaking the law, instead of avoiding the cops, The Situation went right to them.

Though, maybe he had nothing to worry about when you factor in the amazing allure of his rock-hard abs (which is the underlying reason behind his nickname "The Situation").

After all, The Situation's rise to fame on the reality TV series is probably the reason why he managed to ask police officers for directions without incident, despite his possible violation of New Jersey traffic laws.

The cops were apparently star-struck enough to simply ask for autographs, according to TMZ.

A New Jersey Police Chief, however, has decided to launch an internal investigation into whether or not there will be any disciplinary action taken against the cops who let The Situation go without incident.

What does this mean for cops who just wanted "The Situation's" autograph? Next time The Situation's Ferrari comes roaring around, maybe they should give a ticket first, and then ask for autographs to reduce the image of impropriety.

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