Detroit Rapper Points Gun at Child in Facebook Video, Police Investigate

By George Khoury, Esq. on March 01, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Molly Brazy, the 18-year-old rapper from Detroit, has the police investigating her after a Facebook-live video went viral. While the video itself doesn't seem to be anything more than a short exchange between her and a toddler while playing, what they were playing with caused the viral attraction.

In the short video, the toddler is shown asking for candy, then throwing a toy gun towards Brazy. Brazy, then, clearly in a playful, joking manner, picks up the toy and points it at the child. After the internet world went abuzz with controversy over whether the toy gun was real, police got involved.

The focus of the investigation is on whether the toy gun was real or not. Brazy could be facing child endangerment charges if it is determined that the gun was real. Despite the fact that Brazy is insisting it was not, police are committing resources to have the video analyzed.

Facebook Live and Police

While Molly Brazy issued a statement saying that she is remorseful that the video was made, let alone that it got posted, what's happening here should serve as a lesson to young celebrities, artists, and entertainers. The police can use videos posted or streamed on Facebook Live as evidence in court and to make arrests.

Particularly for artists that create controversial or subversive work, it is not unusual for law enforcement and the public to focus extra attention on them. When celebrities, like Bobby Shmurda, or the rapper who wrote the song "Sell Drugz," get arrested, many people just aren't surprised. It is one of those deplorable motifs of American culture, that as much as we love watching someone climb to fame, watching the fall is what society cherishes most.

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