Deputy Prosecutor Charged for Scratching, Biting Lover's Wife

By Minara El-Rahman on January 05, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but what happens when that woman is a deputy prosecutor? Well if you happen to be deputy prosecutor Kirmille Welbon, you break into your lover's home on more than one occasion and get into a physical fight with your lover's wife.

Marion County deputy prosecutor Kirmille Welbon, 28, has been charged with criminal entry, trespassing, and battery, the Chicago Tribune reports.

In a story straight out of a Lifetime movie, WISHTV 8 reports that Kirmille Welbon was arrested on charges of felony residential entry and misdemeanor charges of battery and trespass late Sunday night after she pushed her way into Devann's Johnson's apartment. She is alleged to have started a fight with his wife Kiewanin Johnson.

According to authorities, Devann asked Welbon to leave when she showed up at his apartment.

Kirmille Welbon complied only to come back 20 minutes later and ask Kiewanin Johnson for the Michael Jordan shoes she gave Devann for Christmas, the Indianapolis Star reports.

When his wife replied that she didn't know what Welbon was talking about, Welbon allegedly grabbed the wife by her hair and started a fight. In what can only be described as a cat fight, she is accused of biting and scratching Kiewanin Johnson.

When neighbors heard the commotion, they called police to break up the domestic disturbance. Kirmille Welbon told police that she returned to Devann Johnson's apartment to check on him because he had told her that his wife beats him. Devann Johnson claims that he never had an affair with Welbon and that he knows her from work. He claims that he asked her to look over some legal documents for him. He also claims that he never asked her to stop by his apartment and that Welbon has never been there before.

Kirmille Welbon, who prosecutes misdemeanor cases, was released after posting a $2,500 bond. She has been suspended without pay until the prosecutor's office has completed an internal investigation.

What is the lesson that can be learned by legal professionals? Abide by the law if you plan to enforce it as a prosecutor. Otherwise, we could end up with Shakespearean types chanting, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" because it reinforces the stereotype that lawyers are the most lawless of the bunch.

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