Cyberstalking Lawyer Going to Jail

By George Khoury, Esq. on August 28, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A New York lawyer pleaded guilty to cyberstalking after being charged with an extensive, four-year long campaign of harassment and threats targeting someone he once dated.

Sadly, for the victim, the guilty plea cannot undo the harm done, and four years is a long time to endure targeted threats. The online harassment was not solely directed at her email, but her employer also received emails accusing her of being a drug user, a thief, and violating HIPAA (among other things). He also threatened to show up to her home and work in order to "injure, torture, and sexually assault her."

Unbecoming a Lawyer

For the now-convicted attorney, David Waldman, reports do not indicate whether the New York State Bar has taken any action. However, it's rather likely that attorney discipline is on the way, as the conduct alleged is particularly egregious, shocking, and downright disturbing.

In one email, shortly after the two stopped dating he wrote: "I am not playing around anymore... women like you come around once, twice. maybe three times in a lifetime. that means you are rare. and valuable. and something to be kept and cherished. and cherished can mean held hostage and bound and gagged inside my apartment."(sic.)

In a blog post, he further explicitly stated: ""I am going to change your life for the worse. And I am going to enjoy it." One email told the victim: "You should be put down. Put down like a dog."

And while the above quotes are real and really bad, these pale in comparison to some of the other things he threatened. Additionally, in 2014 he was arrested twice, and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminal contempt and stalking, but merely got a slap on the wrist with a stay away order.

Becoming an Inmate

When entering his plea, Waldman admitted to sending the emails and posting the blogs in order to harass his victim. Reports indicate that he could receive up to a 5-year maximum, though he is likely to be sentenced to 37 to 46 months, though the prior stalking conviction could come back to haunt him. Sentencing has been scheduled for mid-November.

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