Crossing Guard, 73, Beat Up for Breaking up Fight

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on April 11, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

What do you do when your child, at the age of 6, gets into a schoolyard fight?

It depends. But, at the very least, you don't encourage a rematch, and you certainly don't attack the adult trying to break it up.

Shareka McKinney and Darell Livingston of Lansing, Michigan did just that. And now they're facing charges for assault and battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Two boys--6 and 7--got into a schoolyard fight at Lyons Elementary in Lansing last week. McKinney and Livingston were unhappy with the punishment, so they encouraged their son to beat up the 7-year-old outside of school.

A few days later, WILX reports that a parent was talking to James Thompson, the 73-year-old crossing guard for Lyons Elementary, when suddenly a car pulled up, and a woman (McKinney) began yelling at the 7-year-old boy.

She then told her son to hit him.

James Thompson intervened, attempting to pull the boys apart, according to WILX. But Livingston punched him in the mouth while McKinney attacked him from behind.

Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is not limited to Lyons Elementary or Lansing.

In recent months, there have been frequent reports of parents encouraging their children to fight, practically guaranteeing themselves a stint in front of a judge.

Encouraging violent behavior in minors will snag you endangerment and delinquency charges, and potentially assault charges under the "aid and abet" theory of criminal liability. Plus you're bound to lose your kids.

Thankfully, James Thompson only suffered a broken tooth, reports The Washington Post. He is already back at work.

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