Crash Course for Your First Interview as a Lawyer

By George Khoury, Esq. on March 30, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

As a newly minted lawyer facing your first real interview for a job as a lawyer, being prepared is critical. Unfortunately for the uninitiated, getting prepared can be an anxiety inducing whirlwind of scouring the internet for information and talking to yourself in the mirror.

Since the most common place to start when preparing for anything is with the man in the mirror, below, you can find a collection of blog posts to help you prepare for your interview the right way.

5 Things Law Firms Look for in Prospective Associates

When you're applying for a position, you're applying to fill a need that a law firm or business has. Showing a firm that you can fit that need, as well as hit all the major qualities most firms are searching for in a candidate is important. But in order to do that, you need to know what law firms are looking for in their prospective employees.

Lawyers: How to Handle Behavioral Job-Interview Questions

When potential employers ask questions about what you would do, or have done, to address certain problems or issues, do you know what they're actually asking you? These types of questions are rather common, and stumbling over your answers or using bad examples can be problematic.

How to Prepare for OCI

While you may be out of law school, the way you learned to prepare for an on campus interview will help you prepare for a real lawyer interview. And while you may not be able to scout the location of a law firm interview like an OCI, but you can surely double check your route and plan ahead to make sure you won't be late.

OCI Week: Five Tips for Acing the Law Firm Interview

On campus interviews are designed to be like real law firm interviews because they are real law firm interviews. So just like how the same OCI preparation tips you learned in law school work for real law firm jobs, this collection of tips can help you score some major points when interviewing at a law firm.

On Campus Interview Disasters: 5 Mistakes Not to Make During OCI

And what crash course would be complete if it didn't end by telling you how to avoid crashing and burning due to not being prepared or poor interview etiquette.

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